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Garage door repair with us is a smooth and simple process that keeps life fuss-free. Our fully qualified, expert engineers are ideally equipped to deal with any mishap you might encounter – because even if you have the most perfect garage doors in the world accidents – and acts of God – do happen.

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What’s wrong with your Garage door?

All sorts of things can go wrong with your garage door, no matter who installed it or how new it is. From dents and scrapes to mechanical issues, replacement parts to reinforcement’ we do it all. There are a few common themes when it comes to Garage Door Repairs though…

  • The broken door – we often hear from clients who have reversed into the garage door and dented it. We can fix it without telling anyone and save you any embarrassment.
  • The opener won’t…er…Open – In this case, something has gone wrong with the inner workings of your door opening mechanism. This is notoriously difficult to fix without a set of expert hands.
  • The spring that holds the door open is broken – this is called a “Torsion Spring” and it balances the pressure of the door to make for smooth opening and closing. Don’t get your fingers caught in it, call in a professional instead.

We can cater to your needs even if another company installed your system – just give us a call.

A friendly, reliable service you can trust!

If you find yourself in need of some repair work to your garage door then don’t hesitate. Our lines are open and we are ready and waiting to help. Don’t forget that we also install and maintain garage doors and gates, so if you need any further work done in future we can be your first port of call.

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